Shipping Guidelines for New Print Cartridges

Here’s How To Pack And Ship Your New (Not USED or EMPTY) Toner And Cartridges To Us

  1. You MUST follow these shipping instructions to receive full credit and payment for your new toner and cartridges when we buy your products.
  2. Repackage your new factory sealed products in a single larger box/carton (up to 30″x30″ in size) and up to 50 pounds. You must protective wrap cartridge and supplies boxes in newspaper, bubble wrap, or other protective materials to prevent damage in shipping.
  3. NEVER attach labels, write on, blemish, or open factory sealed original cartridge or supplies boxes. Never remove a toner cartridge, ink cartridge or factory sealed supply item from it’s original factory sealed box. All original manufacturer shipping boxes must be free of defects unless we have agreed to purchase your products in damaged, open or blemished boxes and we have agreed on a price with you which reflects damaged, opened or blemished original manufacturer boxes.
  4. Always place a packing slip in each shipping box/carton. You can find the packing slip by visiting our New Product Packing Slip page. Always keep a copy of your packing slip for your records.
  5. Use only one pre paid UPS Shipping Label (which we provide to you) per each (up to 30″x30″) shipping box/carton. Be sure and keep the receipt that is left after you peel away the UPS Label. This receipt has your UPS Shipping/Tracking number which will be necessary in the event UPS damages or loses your shipment to us.
  6. It is a good idea to take pictures of your products and pictures of the actual shipping box(es) before you ship to us. That way, should UPS damage your shipment it will make the damage verification process faster and simpler. Catastrophic damage caused by UPS is rare, but it does happen. Better safe than sorry.
  7. Any UPS driver/agent is authorized to accept your package with the UPS/ARS label, which we provide you, with no other paperwork involved on your part. There is no cost to you.