How Mobile Affects SEO

At the end of September 2013, Google released their new algorithm, Hummingbird.  Hummingbird reportedly changed 90% of all Google searches.  Google didn’t just update a previous algorithm.  Hummingbird is a totally new algorithm, creating a new method for Google to show search results from its databases.  This is the most major change in how search results are displayed in years.

Hummingbird’s Big Change –
A Switch from Using Keywords to Questions….
“Siri” and “OK Google”!

Remember how we all used to put 2-3 keywords in the search to find what we were looking for?  Well, now, in 2014 – everything has changed and everyone knows it.  WHY?  Because we are all picking up our iPhone or Android phones and asking Siri or OK Google – “I need directions to _________”.   We no longer type in keywords when we have the CONVENIENCE of asking our smartphones for everything we need.

You might call this new algorithm THE BIG SHIFT!  because Hummingbird made a shift from keyword-based searches to semantic search.  I imagine we have all disagreed with someone in our life over the “SEMANTICS” of words they were using – one person means one thing by what they say and another person can say the same thing and mean something entirely different.  Google would like to know the searcher’s INTENT.  This way they can dish up the correct search for the INTENT of the keywords you entered into the search.

Typing or Talking? –  Making it easy to the End User

Hummingbird went a few steps farther and has made it easy for end users to TALK instead of  TYPE.  If you want to know how to get to a nearby seafood restaurant when you are on vacation, we just pick up our phone and say “OK Google, give me directions to a nearby seafood restaurant.”

The major players and experts in the SEO world have made it very clear as to how CRITICAL it is for websites to be mobile friendly.  This huge change in the question-based searches is why having a mobile site can now “make you or break you” in your business.

As business owners, we must wake up and realize that if we don’t have a mobile, one-thumb friendly, action oriented, easy to use site, then it’s like sending a flare up to your competition that you are still a dinosaur living in the 21st century.

I know…’s hard to hear, but it’s true.  It’s sort of like taking a trip back to 1995 when web developers were telling business owners that they needed a thing called a WEBSITE.  No one seemed to fully understand the importance of it then, but one thing is for sure……we all get it now!

THE SAME IS TRUE FOR THIS NEW THING CALLED A MOBILE WEBSITE!  Don’t take a nap and wonder if you can wait til later to see if it’s important enough to get onboard.  By the time you do, it might be too late!